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Defined Field

12/12/2016 - 12/12/2026

Defined Field // December 12th, 2016 - December 12th, 2026

Sunrise - Sunset









"Defined Field posits a form of representation in which the landscape subject of the work and the work itself are physically inseparable. The work is differentiated by the artifice of process and intention. Documenting the contiguous and uninterrupted space around and across the liminal points of the installation, the artist erases the boundary between art as object of consideration and environment as external to the project of art. The subjects are chosen for considerations of historical context and personal significance. The environment and its dynamic features, waves, rocks, sand, textures, trees and shrubs, roadways, structures, animals, people and the relationships among all of its physical forms are the material for the representational installation as well as the subject of its representation. Auxillary exhibits are planned to invite a viewing of process documentation.​" 

 - Ryan McBride, Variety

Defined Field is a multitude of site specific installations. The exhibition of each site will span over the course of one decade. The sites are comprised of preexisting elements: physical boundaries, spacial relationships, natural and manmade structures, landscapes, textures, smells, and inhabitants that are being re-contextualized. By assigning a conceptual boundary to the specific site, the site itself becomes the material of its own representation. Over the course of the exhibition each site will naturally evolve with time into new compositions. Once the exhibition period is over, the site will no longer exist in that context even if it may still exist.

"Los Angeles, 2017"
"Meaning of Life, 2017"
"Meaning of Life and Death, 2017"
"Death and Meaning of Life, 2017"
Meaning of Life detail
Death, detail
Death, detail
"Los Angeles, 2017"
Los Angeles Detail
Los Angeles, detail

Near Holy Things//Performance and Installation// February 20th - March 20th, 2017 // Bombay Beach, CA// Sunrise - Sunset

Near Holy Things

02/20/2017 - 03/20/2017

Fleeting Personalities

Fleeting Personalities // April 29th&30th, 2017 //

The Brewery // 11am - 6pm

There seems to be a sort of tragic beauty that can be found in a society that is hyperactive, interactive yet disconnected simultaneously.

"Fleeting personalities speaks to

the intersection of identity and culture
at large, the mingling dualities on the borders

of form and rhythm, color and structure.

With the idea of an intricately formal

yet exuberant and semi-improvisational piece

of music as a theme, the painting represents

a narrative tension between individuality

and union, an alternation between reaching-out

and drawing back into the center. Playing on

the idea of the Gemini and the Tarot,

it posits the formation of unity through

dissolution and interface, of connection through

realized self-sufficiency. The tendrils

of opposite and complementary color can be

either intrusions or communications outward,

the mass of color at the center either a combustion extending outwards or a gravity drawing strands of shape inwards from the fields beyond the plane of the image. In this way Fleeting Personalities introduces with ambiguity the element of time. It aims to conjure up the sense of a video which can always be played either forwards or backwards. It suggests an element of time like that of like the mythological whirlpool which always reverses direction twice a day, giving back what it has taken in: Juxtaposing tension and stasis in the context of a renewable system, Fleeting Personalities recalls the way in which we become different at different stages of life, are always losing and gaining habits, memories, feelings and attachments, and in this way the painting also seeks out the aspects of self which are not fleeting, the stillness at the heart of equal and opposite forces."

Private Showcase


Private Showcase// May 19th, 2016 // 634 Mateo// 12pm - 9pm

Showcasing with six other artists, Miláno exhibited a large scale installation "Thank You" a 20ftx15ft inflatable sculpture displayed deflated, and a video installation of three selected video works. 

Hospital IG Series

June 2015

Hospital // Digital Documentation and Spacial Appropriation // Summer 2015 // Instagram


“Hospital” is a series of over 140 lo-fi photographic and video works published on Instagram in 2015. After suffering from migraines and short-term amnesia due to a head injury, Miláno  was admitted into the Hospital.

'Hospital' pixelates thought patterns, paranoia, isolation and the human condition.

The series is entirely created with an iPhone and photo editing apps. All of the works are created from hospital bed p.o.v. while she was admitted.

She describes this series as sketches of fleeting moments of panic and sedation synthesized into digital text paintings and videos. 




 The “Hospital” series was live via Miláno's Instagram account in late June-August, 2015.

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