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Káti V Miláno b.1993 

Káti V Miláno is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and musician. Her artistic philosophy is primarily concerned with light, space and deconstruction of objects and non-objects through both narrative and anti-narrative approaches.

Her focus is in site specific installations, sonic experimentation, painting, photographic processes, appropriation, and video art; including art films, documentary films with artists, collaborative projects with musicians and music videos.

In 2015 Miláno Co-Founded Miscellaneous Press and works as Director and Curator at Miscellaneous Press.*

*Los Angeles based Fine Art Publishing House 

Outside of Misc.Press, she works as a graphic designer and creative director with international record labels and artists. 

Miláno currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


For information regarding current exhibitions and works please subscribe.

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