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Fleeting Personalities

Fleeting Personalities // April 29th&30th, 2017 // The Brewery // 11am - 6pm

There seems to be a sort of tragic beauty that can be found in a society that is hyperactive, interactive yet disconnected simultaneously.

"Fleeting personalities speaks to the intersection of identity and culture at large, the mingling dualities on the borders of form and rhythm, color and structure. With the idea of an intricately formal yet exuberant and semi-improvisational piece of music as a theme, the painting represents a narrative tension between individuality and union, an alternation between reaching-out and drawing back into the center. Playing on the idea of the Gemini and the Tarot, it posits the formation of unity through dissolution and interface, of connection through realized self-sufficiency. The tendrils of opposite and complementary color can be either intrusions or communications outward, the mass of color at the center either a combustion extending outwards or a gravity drawing strands of shape inwards from the fields beyond the plane of the image. In this way Fleeting Personalities introduces with ambiguity the element of time. It aims to conjure up the sense of a video which can always be played either forwards or backwards. It suggests an element of time like that of like the mythological whirlpool which always reverses direction twice a day, giving back what it has taken in: Juxtaposing tension and stasis in the context of a renewable system, Fleeting Personalities recalls the way in which we become different at different stages of life, are always losing and gaining habits, memories, feelings and attachments, and in this way the painting also seeks out the aspects of self which are not fleeting, the stillness at the heart of equal and opposite forces."

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